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Our weighted bear is designed to provide comfort and sensory input to children. This weighted bear is made with soft cotton and filled with non-toxic glass pellets, weighing 2kg. It is perfect for children who struggle with sensory processing and anxiety and can provide a calming effect and help to regulate emotion. The bear's weight provides deep pressure input, which can help to increase focus, attention, and body awareness, making it a great addition to any sensory toolkit. It is also an excellent companion for children who struggle with sleep or have difficulty calming down at bedtime. The bear's weight can provide a sense of security and comfort, promoting relaxation and restful sleep. Our weighted bear is perfect for use at home, in the car, or on the go, so your child can enjoy the calming benefits of deep touch pressure wherever they go.

 Product Size: 45cm- 2kg

Material: Cotton, filled with non-toxic glass pellets

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