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Our Colored Floor Dots with Numbers are the perfect addition to your child's educational toolkit. This set of 10 vibrant and durable floor dots is designed to provide endless opportunities for creative learning and active play.

  • Numbers with a Splash of Color: Each floor dot is beautifully designed with a bright color and a bold number, making it visually appealing and educational at the same time.
  • Easy to clean:  They are also easy to clean, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor play.
  1. Number Recognition: Use the dots to introduce your child to numbers. Ask them to step on the dot with a specific number, helping them associate the visual representation of the number with its value.

  2. Counting Games: Lay out the dots in a scattered pattern and encourage your child to count as they jump or hop from one dot to another. This interactive activity reinforces counting skills in a playful way.

  3. Math Activities: Create simple math equations by placing the dots in a line. Challenge your child to solve the equations by standing on the correct dots. For example, "2 + 3" would have your child hopping from the "2" dot to the "3" dot.

  4. Indoor Obstacle Course: Arrange the dots in a path on the floor, creating an obstacle course for your child to navigate. This not only improves their gross motor skills but also adds an element of fun.

  5. Educational Playdate: Organize playdates or learning sessions with friends and take turns calling out numbers or colors for the children to locate and stand on.

  6. Storytime Fun: Use the dots to create a visual aid for storytelling. Arrange them in the shape of a train, hopscotch, or any other design related to the story you're sharing.

Our Colored Floor Dots with Numbers are a versatile educational tool that turns any space into a dynamic learning environment. They promote physical activity, numerical awareness, and creativity. Get your set of 10 today and watch as your child learns, plays, and grows with joy!

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