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Our Banana Stretch, a sand-filled sensory tool that is perfect for children who crave sensory touch or love to fidget. This amazing toy is a great tool for reducing stress and anxiety. Its soft, stretchy and flexible material will help your child release their tension while squishing and stretching. It is also a perfect distraction for when your child needs a break or a little help to calm down.

 Not only is it fun, but it can help your child’s development! The bi-manual control skills required for stretching and pulling the Banana Stretch also help to strengthen the muscles in their hands and arms while providing proprioceptive feedback to improve body awareness and coordination.

The Banana Stretch is perfect for children of all ages and abilities. It is a versatile tool that can be used at home, in the classroom, or in therapy sessions. It can help your child develop important skills while also having fun.

Product Size: 18cm

Material: Non-toxic sand

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