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Our Wiggle-Wobble Balance Disc is versatile tool!

When used as a balance disc, it provides a fun and challenging way for your child to work on their balance, muscle strength, and coordination. The unstable surface engages core muscles and improves overall balance, making it a great addition to any exercise routine. The disc can also be used as a stretching tool for the ankles and feet, great for children who walk on their toes or before exercising.  Plus, it's compact and easy to store, making it a convenient option for at-home workouts or therapy sessions.

But that's not all - our balance disc also doubles as a sensory tool! If your child frequently moves around and has a hard time staying seated, you can use the wiggle-wobble disc to help increase focus and attention.  By placing it on a chair or the floor, it will provide your child with the movement they crave while maintaining seated.  Great for use in the classroom or at home- during any task that requires your child to sit for an extended periods of time.  The textured surface can also be used for children who seek out tactile input on the bottom of their feet.  Simply place the wiggle-wobble disc under their feet and let them fidget away so they can focus on the task in front of them.   

Whether your child has difficulty staying seated, needs to fidget during homework or needs a great tool for exercise, our wiggle-wobble balance disc is the perfect solution.

Product Size: 150x280cm diameter comes with pump

Material: PVC

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