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Our Sensory Shaker Bag is an oversized bag that is perfect for children aged 1 to 8 years old and is made of breathable material, ensuring your child's comfort during playtime. The bag provides a small, enclosed "safe haven" and when filled with balls, it provides tactile input. 

Our Sensory Shaker Bag has been designed to provide numerous benefits to children who require resistance materials that provide proprioceptive feedback, beneficial for children with sensory processing disorders. The snug space provided by the Sensory Shaker Bag can provide the sensory feedback that many children with sensory processing disorders need.

At our store, we believe in multisensory learning - engaging children on all levels simultaneously. The Sensory Shaker Bag provides a tactile, proprioceptive, and kinesthetic learning experience, all in one convenient tool.

Product Size: 25x30x40cm

Material: Net Fabric

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