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Strategies to help boost your child's cognitive and motor development. 🤩

Strategies to help boost your child's cognitive and motor development. 🤩

Apr 05, 2023

Jennifer Bradley

Are you looking for simple strategies to help boost your child’s cognitive and motor development?

Here are five easy ways to get started:

1. Encourage physical activity: Spend time outdoors!  Take your child to the park, set up sandpits for them to play and create,  set up and obstacle course for them to conquer!

Inside the house: have them help with chores... yes chores!  Chore routines help with problem solving, strength, coordination, sequencing, and more!

2. Play interactive games: Brain teasers, puzzles, and board games all help promote problem-solving and reasoning skills.

3. Limit screen time: Too much time spent in front of a tablet or phone can impede important social and motor development.

4. Explore the environment: Visiting museums, taking nature walks, and exploring the outdoors helps stimulate your child’s curiosity.

5. Learn through play: Tools such as crafts, finger paints, and blocks encourage creative thinking and motor skills.

These strategies can help your child grow and reach their full potential. Give them a try!

What can a parent do to help their child's motor and cognitive development? Playing and learning go hand in hand. As a parent, you can give your child the best start in life by creating an environment that encourages motor and cognitive development.

It’s important to remember that playtime should be fun and enjoyable for your child, so make sure that you join in and take part in their play too!